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The masjid was full with whom she invited to Islam

"Today I heard about the death of a very dear person to me (my beloved teacher). She looked after me when I first came to this country, I was 14 years old and she was 50 years old. She used to take me with her to her weekly classes then drop me off home... ... more

The Muslim is in the shadow of his charity

Indeed, Muslims are in the shadow of their charities... ... more

Aasiyah (may Allah be pleased with her)

An example for those who believe; the righteous woman; the wife of Pharaoh; she is Aasiyah (may Allah be pleased with her). ... more

Value of Time

It's just a short reminder to all of you working so hard in life. We should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some time with those who really matter to us, those close to our hearts. ... more

Tales of a Homeschooling Graduate

My parents instilled in me that my main ambition should be to strive to be a good Muslim, to always seek the guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah in everything I do in life. Because this is, after all, our ultimate goal. ... more

I, my Cloak, and the Pediatrician

I entered the clinic of the pediatrician, holding my child in my hands, and wearing the cloak over my head. I seemed, in my humble appearance, to the doctor as a mother that does not have any medical culture or any knowledge of the state of her child or his condition ... more

An Example of Honesty

The authentic book of Hadith (Bukhari) presents an ideal story of an Israeli man asked another Israeli to lend him one thousand Dinars. ... more

She’s My Sister - A True Story about Death

Her cheeks were worn and sunken and her skin hugged her bones. That didn’t stop her though; you could never catch her not reciting Qur’an. Always vigil in her personal prayer room Dad had set up for her...A true story about death! ... more

The dialogue is still open

Allah has bestowed beauty and intelligence upon me and I was brought up in a rich family. My family provided me with everything I need to the extent that I imagined that I am the one who owns everything. My father used to motivate me to study in order to get a high certificate so that he can be proud of that. However, he could not create in me the desire of studying. ... more

The repentant women to Allah

These are the stories of some repentant women of the famous and non-celebrities; which I wrote for every girl who wants life... who aspires for happiness... who wishes to survive... before death and after death ... more

The Victim Wife of a Drug Addicted Husband

In the morning, I woke up to remember the last terrible night and I was about to tell my father but I feared that I would be in shame. Now, I wish I had told him. ... more

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