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Story of Yusuf Estes - From darkness to light

From darkness to light: the program presents in each episode the story of transformation and transition from darkness to light, from disbelief to ...

Duration: 37:49

The Story of the Boy and the King

A young boy opens his mind to the true meaning of life. ... more

Michelle, Previously No Religion, Canada

Growing up as a foster child, Michelle is amazed at the faith and patience of Muslims in times of adversity, eventually leading her to study and accept Islam. ... more

Islamic History: The Lifeline of the Muslims

The very few Muslims that do have some inclination towards their glorious past tend to depend on Islamic histories written in English in a distorted form by the rivals and opponents of Islam and the Muslims. Instead, Muslims should rely on... ... more

Imaams Ahmad and ibn Ma'een Catch a Fabricator

Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Yahya ibn Ma?een prayed in Masjid ar Rasaafah, after the prayer, a story teller stood saying:... ... more

An Example of Honesty

The authentic book of Hadith (Bukhari) presents an ideal story of an Israeli man asked another Israeli to lend him one thousand Dinars. ... more

Some Tears of Every Girl

The following are experiences of life that I have written by my pen for you, O sister of men! They are for you, O the unattainable! They are for you, O the mother of the heroes. Now I will tell you about the tears. ... more

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