Asceticism in the world

How many people hasting for the world for fear that they would miss its blessings and they always come late to perform the five obligatory Salah, which are the main pillar of religion ... more
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001 Al Fatiha


Today, most of the Muslims' lives have become dyed with the same color of the western civilization and lifestyles in the way of thinking, visions, beliefs, education, teaching, culture, policy, governing systems, economy and in all other different means of life.

Currently, we observe that ...

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How many 'Sons' does God have?

        Many people tell us "but the Bible clearly says that Jesus is the Son of God. How can you say that Jesus is not God's only begotten son when Jesus says it so clearly in black and white in the Bible?" Well, first of all, as seen in the previous section, we first need to know the ... Continue Reading
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