Al_Tawhid_Its Implication for Thought and Life

As such, his concept of tawhid is rich in the depth of its erudition, abundant in its perception, and direct in its implications for life and thought. Indeed, it is perhaps this work more than any other that reflects the profound and original thought of Dr. al-Faruqi. ... more

Stay Home...Stay Safe...Prophetic Instructions in the Time of Plague

Stay Home...Stay Safe...Prophetic Instructions in the Time of Plague
عن عقبة بن عامر رضي الله عنه قال: قُلتُ: يا رسولَ اللهِ، ما النَّجاةُ؟ قال: املِكْ عليك لِسانَكَ، ولْيَسَعْكَ بَيتُكَ، وابْكِ على خَطيئتِكَ.Narrated by Uqbah bin Amer, May Allah be pleased with him, I ... more

Rulings on Congratulating the Christians on their Holidays

A Calm Dialogue with the Rationale behind the Justifications Made for Partaking in and Congratulating the Christians on their Holidays. ... more

Battling DepressionThrough The Psychology of Surah al-Duha

Allah revealed a Surah to his Prophet that deals with the psychology of depression...It is Surah of al-Duha...

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The Islamic Faith: A simplified presentation

   This is a short whose author has endeavored to present to us what the Prophet and his companions maintained in the most serious area of faith, which is the area of beliefs. He also explai ... more

Effect of the acts of worship on the Muslim's life

Worship is of great importance. Allah Almighty created the creation, sent the Messengers, and revealed the Books to enjoin people to worship Him and forbid worshiping other than Him. ... more

Thinking Well of Others Relieves the Heart

Nothing relieves the heart and makes one happy more than thinking well of others. It protects one from the harm of worrisome thoughts that disturb his peace of mind and exhaust the body. ... more