Taking Off the Hijab

I understand that hijab is required, and I’ve been wearing it for some time now but I feel like putting it on might have been a mistake.  I don’t feel like it’s made me become a better Muslim, and I feel almost like I’m deceiving people because they look at me as an example even though I’m still struggling with a lot of things. Also, if I take it off, is it really something Allah will punish me for? It seems like such a petty thing. Isn’t the most important thing having a clean heart?

By Shazia AhmadAssalaamu `alaykum dear questioner,Thank you for asking this question which opens up a number of important issues, and for entrusting us enough to share with us some of what you’re struggling with. I ask Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala – exalted is He) that He makes the words ... Continue Reading

Is the Qur'an for Arabs Only?

A Sikh friend of mine was given some literature to read. While reading it, he raised this objection: “You say that Allah speaks to the prophets and through these special people He sent a universal way of life for all mankind. The question is, why is such an important way of life prescribed in this one particular language [Arabic], which is used only in one particular geographic location? Why could not that Almighty Allah create one universal language for all of mankind so that all people could benefit from that equally? Arabic Qur'an is certainly beneficial for the Arabs only.”

By   Abul A`la Mawdudi / Mushfiqur RahmanHad your Sikh friend who raised this objection pushed his imagination a bit further, he could have also asked “Why did God not send a copy of the Qur'an directly to every human being? Since He is the Almighty, He could have done this ... Continue Reading

Talking after Iqamah

Is it allowed to open unnecessary talk after prayer's Iqamat before the Imam begins to pray?

By Rabee' Al-AwwalPraise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.If this talk is within what is permissible then there is no harm in it but it is more appropriate to avoid it.The evidence of this is ... Continue Reading

Wiping Over Socks at Work-Place in Wudu

 As-salamu `alaykum. I work in a software company where the dress code is business formal. So, it’s compulsory to wear shoes. The thing is I have to remove my socks and shoes every time I make wudu’. I heard that it’s not necessary to remove socks for wudu’. Well, I'm not sure about that and its procedure. So, if there is any alternative to this, then, please, enlightenment me on this. Jazaka Allah khair.

By Sheikh Ahmad KuttyDear brother, let us first commend your question which expresses your strong passion to Islam ant its rituals, especially prayer, the second pillar of Islam.It should be known that prayer is the only act of worship from which a Muslim is never exempted under any condition as ... Continue Reading

Celebrating the Mother's Day

In western countries many Muslims celebrate the Mother's day. What is the rule of Shariah concerning this celebration?

Fatwa: All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.What is known among many people as Mother's Day and which is claimed to be the 21st of March is nothing but an innovation ... Continue Reading

The concept of monotheism in Islam

I am doing research on the concept of monotheism in the world's five major religions. Could you please explain to me the concept of monotheism in Islam?

The Fatwa Department Research Committee - chaired by Sheikh `Abd al-Wahhâb al-TurayrîMonotheism is the message that all of the Prophets came with. People then deviated from the truth. Then Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came as the final Messenger and restored true monotheism to ... Continue Reading

Allah and the pronoun 'He'

Why is Allah always reffered as 'He'? I ask this because my teacher in class raised this issue.

The Fatwa Department Research Committee - chaired by Sheikh `Abd al-Wahhâb al-Turayrî Allah says: “He created the pairs, male and female.” [Sûrah al-Najm: 45]Allah is the Creator of both sexes. We do not attribute being male or being female to Allah. We only ... Continue Reading

Sobbing and weeping while reciting the Quran

It has become common, of late, for people to recite the Qur'ân in a style that comprises a lot of affected weeping. Their recitation loses its sweetness as a consequence. It is closer to wailing than to a recitation. What do Islamic teachings say about this approach to reciting the Qur'ân?

Sheikh `Abd al-Rahmân al-Barrâk The recitation of the Qur'ân is one of the best means of seeking nearness to Allah. It is an act of worship and devotion, and there are certain manners and etiquettes associated with it.One of these etiquettes is to recite the ... Continue Reading

Speaking to 'spirits'

I would like to ask you about my friends who claim they can call spirits. Is it possibly true? If it is, what is really going on?

Sheikh Rashîd al-Hasan, professor at King Khâlid University   If they are speaking the truth, then they are communicating with Jinn and invoking them. This is what practitioners of magic do. They rely on Jinn to fulfill their needs and to bring benefit or harm to others. In ... Continue Reading

Sleep paralysis is not a Jinn attack

Our daughter is having strange experiences during sleep. She complains of feeling something pressing down on her chest which paralyzes her entire body. She cannot even speak. This stops and starts throughout the night. It happens so frequently that she has become depressed and angry. We feel that this is an attack from the Jinn and we want to know what she can do about it.

The Scientific Research Committee - IslamToday.net   These symptoms should not be construed as an attack from the Jinn. This is a very common problem. It is a condition known as sleep paralysis (SP). Sleep paralysis is defined as a condition in which someone, usually lying in a supine ... Continue Reading

Seeking refuge from Satan when reciting the Quran

Is it necessary for someone to seek refuge from Satan before reading every chapter of the Qur’ân if he is reading more than one chapter in one sitting?

Sheikh `Umar al-Muqbil, professor at al-Imâm University You do not have to seek refuge from Satan upon arriving at each new chapter in your reading. You should say it when you begin reading. Allah says: “When thou dost read the Qur’ân, seek Allah’s protection ... Continue Reading

The meaning of al-Rahman & al-Rahim

What is the difference in meaning between Allah's names al-Rahman and al-Rahim?

Sheikh Salman al-Oadah   The name al-Rahmân, like the name Allah, is used only for Allah. No one else may be called by this name. Allah and al-Rahmân are His exclusive names. This is why Allah says: “Call upon Allah or call upon al-Rahmân; by whichever name you ... Continue Reading