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Wiping Over Socks at Work-Place in Wudu

 As-salamu `alaykum. I work in a software company where the dress code is business formal. So, it’s compulsory to wear shoes. The thing is I have to remove my socks and shoes every time I make wudu’. I heard that it’s not necessary to remove socks for wudu’. Well, I'm not sure about that and its procedure. So, if there is any alternative to this, then, please, enlightenment me on this. Jazaka Allah khair.

By Sheikh Ahmad KuttyDear brother, let us first commend your question which expresses your strong passion to Islam ant its rituals, especially prayer, the second pillar of Islam.It should be known that prayer is the only act of worship from which a Muslim is never exempted under any condition as ... Continue Reading

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