The Fatal Combination

The Fatal Combination: The Wind of Negligence and Desire! ... more

We should not Forget

Had it not been for Islam, the best and most balanced civilization would not have seen light...t ... more

Hajj; a journey of a life time

Hajj has its own merits, its own beauty, and its own taste, everyone who goes to Hajj knows how it feels like, and how effective impacts it has on the souls and hearts. ... more

Introduction to the series (1)

* This series is dedicated to the sole theme of a very important fact in Islam, it is the more we know about Allah (S.W.T) the more we know about The Creator of this wonderful universe the more we tend to love Him, the more dedication we have in our lives, and every aspect of our lives tends ...

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The Status of the Sunnah in Islam

I have decided to talk about an extremely important subject, one of the foundations of this beautiful Sharee?ah, i.e. the Importance of Sunnah in Islamic Legislation. ... more

Sufficed themselves with the Quran

Indeed, what Allah?s Messenger made unlawful is like what Allah made unlawful?. [At-Tirmidhi, authenticated by Al-Albani] ... more

A story from prophet Hud (6)

Today Insha'Allah I will share with you a story from prophet Hud Alyhi Assalam.

Because prophet Hud believed in Allah (S.W.T) that left a powerful impact on this prophet and the way he dealt with his people, he came to them with the message of Islam and called them to worship Allah ...
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The Sunnah in understanding the Quran

I guess, after considering the above examples, the status of the Sunnah in Islamic legislation has become clear to us. ... more