Category: Preachers & methods of Dawah

Dawah in History

From an Islamic perspective, there is absolutely no compulsion on people to embrace it. People have always entered Islam willingly. The historical presence of non-Muslim minorities living among Muslims is evidence of tolerance in Islam. ... more

Significant Islamic Resources

Islam Way is an amazing website which is following the traces of our (al-Salaf as Saleh) Righteous Predecessors, the site, among others with similar approaches, aims at sound and clearer perception of Islam. Globally transmitting for all Muslims, no affiliation or restrictions of a political ...

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Morals and Ethics in Islam

A beautiful illustration of Morals and a magnificent visualization of Ethics in Islam. Discover the beauty of Islam. ... more

Why Islam? Proof of Modern Science

Why an intellectual embraces Islam? In this amazing book we enjoy a magnificent journey through scientific approach to discover the truth. ... more

The masjid was full with whom she invited to Islam

"Today I heard about the death of a very dear person to me (my beloved teacher). She looked after me when I first came to this country, I was 14 years old and she was 50 years old. She used to take me with her to her weekly classes then drop me off home... ... more

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