Why Islam? Proof of Modern Science

Why an intellectual embraces Islam? In this amazing book we enjoy a magnificent journey through scientific approach to discover the truth. ... more

How can she introduce Islam to her young children and make them love it?

I have embraced Islam – praise be to Allah – and I have three children; I come from a Christian family that is tolerant of my being Muslim. My question is: how can I introduce Islam to my children, one of whom is eleven years old, the other is eight years old, and my daughter is five years old, without forcing them?

Praise be to Allah. Firstly:  We praise Allah for having enabled you to enter Islam and we ask Him, may He be exalted, to make you steadfast and to guide your family to this religion.  We are advise you not to be careless or lazy about guiding and teaching them, in the way that is ... Continue Reading


Islam Is - A Complete and Total Way of Life ... more

Serving the religion

Serving the religion is the responsibility of everybody. ... more

Giving a copy of the Qur’an to a kaafir


Ruling on giving a copy of the Qur’an with a translation to a kaafir
Is it permissible to give for Da'wah to the non-Muslims a translation of the meanings of the Qur'aan which accompanies the original Arabic text as well?
Praise be to Allaah.
We put this question to
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Useful means of reform

How bad and severe can the consequences be on individuals and the society when some of the seekers of knowledge and pious youth obstruct from participation in all community fields, abandoning the reform process by enjoining the good and forbidding evil and get pre-occupied with other stuff even if it was prosperous work or seeking knowledge. ... more

How to begin conversation about Islam?

Here are a few suggestions on how to begin a conversation, and key points to remember when talking about Islam in any setting. Remember these are all flexible where using your own style of talk is encouraged! ... more

The secret of a smile

She came to me with a smiling and bright face, inviting me to a religious ceremony that is held up every year. The best sheikhs and lecturers are invited to deliver lectures in that ceremony. The things that attracted my attention were her young age, the smile of contentment in her eyes, and ...

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