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Easy Deeds with Great Rewards

A great collection of Ahadeeth which contains good deeds to become closer to Allah the Almighty. Easy deeds with great rewards is a simple and magnificent reference for increasing rewards. ... more

Which Path Brings You to Paradise

It is highly important to know the right methodology to follow Islam. In this video specific exposure to this highly important issue.

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Speak Good or Remain Silent

One of the best virtues in Islam is to be highly aware of speaking outcome; In essence, a tongue might be a cause to go to Paradise or Hellfire. Discover this issue in this article and take it seriously. ... more

Tawheed in Knowledge and Beliefs

To have faith in all that is authentically related concerning the matters of the Unseen ... more

An Ideal Day-Sajid Umar

This advice focuses on an Ideal Day in the life of a believer, one in which we are constant and consistent with the Sunnan-ar-rawaatib, salaatut Duha and feeding a poor person a meal at the time of Iftaar.

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The Virtues of Fasting and Ramadan-Sajid Umar

In this khutbah, Sheikh Sajid highlights the blessings and virtues of Ramadan for a believer and reminds us of the Gate of Rayyaan in Jannah that is exclusively reserved for the fasting person, and that we should strive for excellence

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Three People that the Hell Fire wont Touch-Sajed Ahmed Umar

This short reminder focuses on three people that the Hell-Fire will not touch, due to their performing the specific actions mentioned in this reminder, extracted from the Ahadeeth.

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Description of Paradise in Islam

The Quran and Sunnah are full of references to Paradise and the great reward that is in store for those who believe and do righteousness in this life. The reward for goodness is eternal goodness, and the reward for evil is torment and despair. ... more

Closeness of Death- Mufti Menk

Every Muslim has to consider the moment of death. Death is close to every one and we have to prepare for this moment.

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How many will enter Paradise?

In Sahih Bukhari, it is mentioned that ...70,000 of all mankind will enter paradise(!!!)
The first three generations of muslims alone probably amounts to 70,000.
Is there another explanation to this hadith?

Praise be to Allah.Perhaps you are referring to the Hadeeth about the seventy thousand who will enter Paradise without being brought to account, which was reported by the two Shaykhs (al-Bukhaari and Muslim), Ahmad and others from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). If you ... Continue Reading

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