Why we should boycott America

boycotting is a peaceful lethal weapon. It is used against the abusers of our Prophet, Muhammad, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him. ... more

Boycott American commodities

An Invitation from Wathakker Islamic center to a worldwide boycott of all American products in defense of our beloved Muhammad prayer and peace of Allah be upon him and his family. ... more

Supporting Our Prophet Muhammad

100 Ways We Can Support Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ... more

What does self-confidence mean for the Muslim?

How can a Muslim who is really lacking self-confidence become a more confident person? He has tried so many things but has yet to overcome his nervousness when talking to people. May Allah reward you with good for your effort. ... more

Supporting the Messenger of Allah

Supporting the Messenger of Allah, Prayers and Peace of Allah Be Upon Him. ... more

I put my trust in Allah

Whoever walked in this world and his foot touched the earth needs help, support and needs for someone to put his trust in him and direct his heart toward him. ... more