Responsibility of Youth-Mufti Menk

A great advice to create a perfect path in life for youth and for Muslims in general.

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The Muslim View of Productivity

...The Muslim is required to be extremely productive but must also channel this productivity in the context of what is most beneficial for the afterlife... ... more

Knowledge: The Key to Success

The adage that ignorance is bliss could not be farther from the truth when seriously put into practical application. Throughout the annals of time, what great accomplishments has ignorance made? What great empires and what marvels of science and technology now bear witness to ignorance’s ...

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Liberating the Muslim Mind

One of the key characteristics of a victim mentality is an unwillingness to take responsibility for the position one finds oneself in alongside a negative defeatist attitude that encourages apathy and depression... ... more

Do Not Live Without a Vision

Many people think that they have a vision but in reality they have nothing. Countless brothers and sisters consult me regarding key decisions in their life. My answer has always been and continues to be, ‘if you had a clear vision of what you want to be or what you want to do, you would not ask such questions!’ ... more

A Message to Some Fathers

There is no doubt that every father wishes the success of his son in his school life. He always supplicates Allah for his success. He promises and arouses desires in him if he succeeds and threatens him if he fails in the exam. This is one of the natural innate feelings of human beings. ... more

Are You Eager to Learn Your Religion?

your eagerness to learn your religion is the start of your success as you will follow a path that takes you to Paradise. ... more

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