The Message That Changed The World

The message that created the truth and established the right and accepted religion.

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James, Ex-Christian, USA

How the actions of a Muslim and the clarity of the message of the Quran led James to Islam. ... more


The idea that music is a powerful medium to communicate values and social messages is merely an emotional and unscholarly view. ... more

A cry of a young woman

This is a painful message written by a believer Muslim young woman who has tasted grief, pain and torture from her non-conscientious, insensible father. ... more

Oh father! This message is for you

Oh father! This is my message to you... where I express my sorrow and grief... my concerns and distress... ... more

My Mother! Can you hear my voice?!

My beloved mother, peace of Allah be with you. You are the dearest one to me in this world and the most beloved one to me after my Lord and my Prophet. ... more

O sister! What do you know about intermingling?

O sister! O pearl that Islam has cherished in her bud… has honored in her early childhood and forbidden her to be buried alive upon birth… has magnified her status that she become the key to Paradise for the fathers. ... more

A Message to Some Fathers

There is no doubt that every father wishes the success of his son in his school life. He always supplicates Allah for his success. He promises and arouses desires in him if he succeeds and threatens him if he fails in the exam. This is one of the natural innate feelings of human beings. ... more

This is for you: The joy of my eye

For you my son I am writing these words, which throb with compassion and advice? truth and sincerity... hoping that you will find the right path that would direct you to righteousness and shows you guidance. ... more

Message for purifying the self

These are few words and little sentences of knowledge. However, they are very important, because they are the guidelines of Ahlul Sunnah Wa Al-Jama'ah concerning behavior and recovering the selves and purifying them to enable them to acquire the essence ... more

A Message to Every Male & Female Student

Knowledge is too much and your hearts will never collect it all. So seek the best and most important of it. ... more

When shall I see you in the congregational prayers?

This is a gentle reproach, which I whisper in your ears. I have scented it with love and care. ... more