My Mother! Can you hear my voice?!

Since 2012-11-29

My beloved mother, peace of Allah be with you. You are the dearest one to me in this world and the most beloved one to me after my Lord and my Prophet.


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
The first message:
My beloved mother, peace of Allah be with you. You are the dearest one to me in this world and the most beloved one to me after my Lord and my Prophet.
O mother! You are my heart, my soul, and the apple of my eye. I get closer to my Lord by your satisfaction and that of my father towards me. I obey the order of my Lord through being kind towards you, gaining your satisfaction, and supplicating Him for you. Allah Glory be to Him has recommended us to do so. He says, {And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents.} [Surat Al-Isrâ 17:23]
{وَقَضَىٰ رَبُّكَ أَلَّا تَعْبُدُوا إِلَّا إِيَّاهُ وَبِالْوَالِدَيْنِ إِحْسَانًا} الإسراء: 23
Transliteration: Waqada rabbuka alla taAAbudoo illaiyyahu wabialwalidayni ihsanan
My beloved mother! Give me a chance to give you back some of the debt which I owe you. I see that you are still dealing with me as your babied child to the extent that you even choose the colors of my dresses.
My dear mother! Days pass one after another, I grow up, my young sister grows up, and you grow, too. So, why have not you changed your view of us? My mother! I started to know life, to know what is happening around me and to understand what people say.
My lovely mother! While days pass and things change, there is only one thing of you that has never changed. It is your big heart, which encompasses all the meanings of love, sympathy and tolerance. One of your attributes, that the relatives and whoever knows you among the neighbors envy you for it, is that you do not return the offence by a similar offence. On the contrary, you tolerate and disregard such offence. Moreover, you do not feel angry with anyone. That is why, my lovely mother, I will speak to you frankly this time. I want you to listen to me, forgive me and not to be angry at my daring towards you. Your daughter has become a woman who knows what she says.
My mother! Sometimes you treat me harshly before others and oblige me to do something which may cause me to miss a precious chance. This chance may be performing an act of worship or studying a lesson. Meanwhile, the deed, which you want me to do, will not be missed and it may be done in another time. In addition, I feel very shy when such harsh treatment takes place in front of others even if they were my brothers and sisters. I do not wish to make you angry with me and at the same time, I do not bear such behavior in front of others.
May Allah guard you, dear mother!
The second message
My dear mother! How much I am in need for you in order to guide me and advise me! I feel that this life, for all that it is wide, is constraining me, whenever night comes. I am confused and afraid, my mother. There are some things that I see and I feel but I cannot find an explanation for them and I have never seen them before.
O mother! I hear your voice and I see you at home but I do not feel the warmness of your hands and your voice. This is because you are always busy with very usual matters. You give much attention to the celebrations of weddings and feasts. You care about the one who got married, the one who got divorced, the one who had a new baby and other matters, which do not have any benefit for you.
My dear mother! Do not leave me alone, as I really need you at this time for you are the nearest person to me.
Your confused daughter
The third message
O mother! My mother! I remind you that the heavens and earth were established upon justice. In addition, I remind you that Allah has forbidden injustice for Himself and made it forbidden among His slaves.
My lovely mother! You have made me used to frankness and saying the truth.
That is why I ask you to allow me to speak openly to you without being angry with me. I see that you prefer my brothers and give them more than us. What is more severe for the soul is that you keep silent towards their mistakes and you try to find a justification for them. Moreover, you hide their faults from my father.
How many times my brother did not pray Fajr except after the sunrise and I did not see you advising or reproaching him! I view your silence towards such act as a matter of consent for it. Sometimes, he returns home late by night and the smell of smoking cigarettes comes out from him but you keep silent.
As for me, I do not receive anything from you except the harshness while dealing with me and the blame for the first slip or mistake. I beg you, my beloved mother, not to leave any chance for Satan to sow the seeds of envy and hatred among brothers and sisters.
Souls, my mother, are weak and I do not hide this secret from you if I said that I began to feel some hatred towards my brother as a result of your discrimination in the way of dealing with us. My mother! I fear that the time comes when I hate you because of this.
We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of the cursed Satan.
Your scared daughter
The fourth message:
My lovely mother! I write this message with my tears that flew as rivers on my cheeks and you are the reason, O my heart.
You may ask, "Why?"
Do you remember that day when you passed by my home and we went to the day gathering of the mother of so and so. At that day, my husband had invited some guests and I forgot the invitation because of you. When my husband returned home and did not find me, he got angry and became fed up with your interference in our marital life. You give your opinion in every small or great matter and you ask me that I do not hide anything from you.
I am weak with a kind heart and I do not want to disobey you. My husband is kind-hearted, and he loves me but his patience and his love has limits. My mother! I fear that the day will come when my husband takes me back to your home with the paper of my divorce. If this happened, you would be the cause of my sadness and distress. So, do not do this mother, please.
Your poor daughter
The fifth message
My beloved mother! I beg you to listen to me. How many times I have tried to speak to you in a serious and important matter that concerns me. Unfortunately, you are distracted from me by many matters, which I consider as valueless.
My mother! Your dear and beautiful daughter is about to be drowned and destroyed. She is about to fall in a dirty well where she will find no one to save her or pull her out of it. Help me, O mother, before it is too late. In our house, there is a monster which was about to get me and I am weak in front of it. I have no power not might, I have been submissive to it and I am about to fall between its hands. I beg you, my mother, to save me and help me by killing that monster. Do not be afraid, my mother, from it as it is very small. However, if it got its victim and she has no one to save her, it would crush her.
Have you known that monster, mother?
It is neither a wolf nor a ghoul. Simply, it is the telephone, my mother. Yes, it is simply the phone.
One night, in which you were going to a wedding party, I was alone with my young brothers and sisters at home. It was late when the phone rang and the speaker was a young man. He said some words that I considered beautiful and I believed him. I started to speak to him every night because everyone is heedless from me by the matters of this worldly life. And you are on top of those who are busy and away from me. I thought that I may have a good time with him but the meek lamb changed into an evil wolf. Yesterday, he asked me to meet him and go out with him. I was overcome by fear and horror towards him. I said to myself, "Is it reasonable to do something like this?" I shut the phone while he was speaking. He called me again and threatened me by saying either you go out with me or I will slander you as I have recorded your voice and your words. He started to insist on convincing me that I should go out with him.
My mother! I know the result of going out with him but no one is supporting me. Where are you, mother! Your daughter is in serious danger as the monster is still at home threatening me. Save me, O mother, before I bear a shame in this worldly life and in the Hereafter.
Your scared and afraid daughter
The sixth message
My lovely mother! I have a lot of magazines especially the ones of fashion and the artistic magazines. They publish the news of fashion as well as the female artists with male ones. I am heedless and only carving for these magazines. After coming back from school, I fill my belly with food then I lie down and sleep. After that, I shift my sight from a page to another of these magazines that have become an important thing in my life. I have become knowledgeable of the news of fashion more than knowing my prayers. I know the names of the actors and actresses more than the names of my relatives; both males and females. I have no interest, no objective except such news and such trivial matters.
One day, one of my teachers said to me a word which made me cry much after it lied in my heart. It is still echoing in my soul and I think about it by day and night.
She said, "Till when will you live in this heedlessness?"
I thought and thought then I asked myself, "Who is the one responsible for the case to which I reached now?"
Unfortunately, it is you, my dear mother. This is because of your pampering and tenderness along with your negligence towards me. Every day, you see me behaving like this and you keep motionless. That is why I thought that this matter is not prohibited.
O mother! I need you, especially this time. I need someone who guides me to the right; someone who advises me. I am now seventeen years old and I view my life as worthless. Can you believe, my mother, that I do not know many matters concerning my religion. As for the matters of life, I even do not know how to make a cup of tea. So, what will be the case with me if I got married soon? My mother! I am in need for you.

Your perplexed daughter


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