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Keys to Happy Homes

The best of you are those who are best to their family.

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Sexual Drive

Islam does not look down upon sexual drive as some people may think or call for shunning it. There is no monasticism in Islam. Rather, Islam views the sexual drive as a natural human instinct but sets etiquettes and limits for it in a manner that guarantees its purity and consistency. Thus, the society of the Message (Islam) and Da’wah (calling to Islam) remains pure and clean. ... more

Dictionary of love and its scale

Some husbands miss some words in intimate sessions, so why do not they record them in a dictionary that is connected by happy moments? ... more

Wipe the tears you might regret later

He remembers how all she wanted was a nice word from him, how she wished he could spend one day with her, instead of spending it with his friends. He remembers how she endured his insults, and matched them with smiles and choked tears. Oh, how she lived her life to serve him and their children. Now I know how valuable you were. ... more

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) The Best of All Husbands

This book highlights the role played by Prophet Muhammad (PbuH) within his household and especially as a husband. The author focuses on individual -and beautiful- aspects of his excellent way of dealing with his wives. ... more

The Wise Woman

Advices given by Omama Bint Alhareth to her daughter, Um Iass on her wedding day. This is considered to be among the most famous pieces of advice given by a mother to her daughter throughout our history. ... more

Eight Things to Do After Saying I Do

Get to know your husband inside out, and it will be a breeze when it comes to working out what he likes and dislikes. ... more

The Wise Man

The wise man is the believer who does his best to follow the Prophet's (pbuh) teachings and his manner of treating his wives and his devotion to his family. ... more

A New Way to Treat Women

{Believers, it is unlawful for you to inherit women against their will, or to bar them from remarrying so that you may make off with part of what you have given them, except when they are guilty of a flagrant indecency. Consort with them in a goodly manner. Even if you are averse to them, it may well be that you are averse to something in which God has placed much good} [An-Nisaa':19] ... more

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