Eight Things to Do After Saying I Do

Get to know your husband inside out, and it will be a breeze when it comes to working out what he likes and dislikes. ... more

Things that make ghusl obligatory

What are the things that make ghusl obligatory?.

Praise be to Allaah.The things that make ghusl obligatory are six things. If one of them happens then the Muslim has to do ghusl. 1- Emission of maniy (semen) from its exit in the male or female, which happens either when one is awake or when one is asleep. If it is emitted when one is awake, ... Continue Reading

15 things for a Family to do in Ramadan

Fellow parent, have you ever had this feeling that the bond between your own family members is not strengthened? If this was the case while approaching Ramadan, your chances are better. In the following points we demonstrate 15 ways that nourishes nd tightens family bonds. ... more

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