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Advice of the Wise Man in the Palace

We often see the everyday events of our lives as having little value, and we do not give them the attention they deserve. ... more

The Wise Man

The wise man is the believer who does his best to follow the Prophet's (pbuh) teachings and his manner of treating his wives and his devotion to his family. ... more

The Wise Woman

Advices given by Omama Bint Alhareth to her daughter, Um Iass on her wedding day. This is considered to be among the most famous pieces of advice given by a mother to her daughter throughout our history. ... more


1- Rifq is a way of life, it is a comprehensive approach and the ideal way of dealing with everything, it means moderation, gentleness, to be easy going and wise with handling every situation.

2- Allah is Al- Rafiq, and this is one of His attributes, He loves Rifq, and everything Allah ...

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