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1- Rifq is a way of life, it is a comprehensive approach and the ideal way of dealing with everything, it means moderation, gentleness, to be easy going and wise with handling every situation.

2- Allah is Al- Rafiq, and this is one of His attributes, He loves Rifq, and everything Allah ...

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Making Obligations Easy

This is the profound meaning of at-tawbah offered to everyone: sincerely returning to God after a slip, a mistake, a sin. God loves that sincere return to Him and He forgives and purifies. ... more

Among the signs of making things easy in Ramadan

Among the great acts of worship in which we notice the signs of facilitating things and eliminating hardships for this nation is the act of fasting; especially, fasting Ramadan. The following are some of these signs:... ... more

The Missing Ingredients

“Make matters easy, and do not make them difficult; and give glad tidings and do not turn people away.” [Bukhari] ... more

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