All perfect praise is due to Allah, Who gives hope to the hopeful, The One Whose pleasure is sought by the devoted, ascetic worshipers. Enjoy the blessing of hope and be hopeful. ... more

The After Life – Are you Prepared?

This lesson will guide Muslim to prepare them to the most important event. After life is the true life.

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Closeness of Death- Mufti Menk

Every Muslim has to consider the moment of death. Death is close to every one and we have to prepare for this moment.

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The Exquisite Pearl

The Journey To Allah & The Home Of The Hereafter By Shaykh 'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sa'di ... more

Provisions for the Hereafter

Allah has sent the Messenger (S) with guidance and the Religion of Truth. Strict adherence to the guidance of His Prophet (S) is required from the followers of Islam. The scholars of the Islamic community have attached great importance to it and produced texts regarding the Acts of Worship, Dealings and Habits in the light of the Divine guidance. This book is one of the most famous works written on this subject. This book is one of the important resources of knowledge for those who seek to know the Seerah of their Prophet (PBUH) as well as, the Fiqh learned from it. This is a book that is unique in that it explains the Sunnah through the Seerah and the Seerah through the Sunnah. ... more

The Reason Why Mankind Was Created

This article clarifies the wisdom of Allah to create mankind. ... more

The Sufis' Belief in Fire and Paradise

It is unbecoming of the Sufis to seek Paradise, as this is a sign of weak Imaan (Faith), so they claim! ... more

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