You Only Live Twice

Since 2013-01-28

An Epic Muslim Short Film on the true nature of what happens after your death. Is death really the end? Do we ever come back? Every soul shall taste death. So as not to confuse anyone " YOLT - You only live twice" is referring to Dunya (Our present life) v Akhira (the afterlife). Although there are more processes in the journey of our soul, we have chosen YOLT as it is a simple way of grasping the concept of our reality that there is a next life. The final verse "Read your book", is referring to the final day of judgement when we return to Allah to be judged. Our book will be presented to us on this day. Our book will be a record of all our deeds in this life, the big, the small, the bad, the good. On the day of judgement, we will be held accountable for all these deeds. May Allah have mercy on us.

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