The Best Supplication for Seeking Forgiveness

Seeking forgiveness from Allah the Almighty is the greatest goal to every Muslim... ... more


Allah is happier for His servant to come back to him than a mother losing her babychild for days then she finds him.

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Returning to Allah

Why are we here in this world? We are here for Allah, may He be Glorified!...We are here to worship Allah, May He be Exalted!...We are here to follow Muhammad, Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him...We are here to carry a great responsibility, the responsibility of Islam...

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Sins and Failure

We are more affected, more changed, by what we do than by what is done to us. No matter what you go through, you remain, or can remain, the same person you were before the experience. Sure, you will be affected; perhaps hurt, perhaps saddened, perhaps fatigued; maybe you will be more cynical, less trusting, and so on; because of your experiences; but you are fundamentally the same person. ... more

You Will Find The Solution In The Quran

Discover the beauty of The Holy Quran and try to devote yourself to remember this remarkable benefit and share it with others.

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A message to every Muslim: How to keep to obedience

Dear Muslim brother, constrain yourself and be keen to righteous deeds, particularly obligatory duties such as Salah, fasting, filial gratitude, and other obligatory duties, for it is not permissible for any Muslim to neglect them. ... more

The example of minor sins

The meaning of the Hadith is exhortation not to underestimate sins, and holding oneself accountable for them because neglecting them will lead to destruction because minor sins may turn to be major ... more

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