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The Sufis' Belief in Fire and Paradise

It is unbecoming of the Sufis to seek Paradise, as this is a sign of weak Imaan (Faith), so they claim! ... more

Tawheed as Understood by the Philosophers

The philosophers say, "Verily it is not shirk to worship graves, nor to call on the dead or seek their help. It is merely tawassul (seeking a means to get close to Allah), seeking intercession, and making intermediaries between us and Allah. It is not Sh ... more

The Sufis

The word ‘Sufi’ was not known in the time of the Messenger or the companions or the followers. Then a group of the ascetics wore wool, which is called in Arabic ‘Suf’, so they are called ‘Sufis’. ... more


One interested in Islam may get a wrong idea about Islam and Muslims, for to the occident ‘Sufis’ and ‘Sufism’ is just a synonym of Islam and Muslim... ... more

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