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1- A great act of worship in Islam that has a profound impact in our worldly life and the Next Life, it was one of the characteristics of the early Muslims and by it they were able to dominate the world.

2- Ihsaan means to do good to others in terms of help and doing favors, and to do ...

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1- An act of worship and one of the great aspects of Islam, it gives you tranquility, peace, and strength in all your affairs. It is something that Allah loves, and it was the description of our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) even before his prophet hood.

2- It is something that ...

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1- A great act of worship in Islam, and it is needed in worshiping Allah because we need to know that He is The Only One who can show us the truth. Allah loves Tawakkul, and Tawakkul is the secret behind the personal strength and power, it has to do with the heart and it brings us one step ...

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1- A great act of worship that is mentioned in Qur’an more than 90 times, Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala) loves and supports those who have it and maintain it.

2- Patience is to have self-control and to keep oneself on the truth, and on the right path no matter what happens. And having ...

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1- It brings you closer to Allah, a sure way to paradise, and one of the most beneficial aspects of our religion that should be a-life-long obligation for us.

2- Taqwaa means to place a protection between you and any possible threat, Islamically speaking it means that you place a ...

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1- A stairway to excellence, and one of the most precious things that we can ever have, because it brings us closer to Allah and makes us feel the sweetness of paradise one earth.

2- Knowledge about Allah, His prophet, Islam, Qur’an is the knowledge Allah refers to, not the modern ...

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1- Rifq is a way of life, it is a comprehensive approach and the ideal way of dealing with everything, it means moderation, gentleness, to be easy going and wise with handling every situation.

2- Allah is Al- Rafiq, and this is one of His attributes, He loves Rifq, and everything Allah ...

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Good Character

1- One of the keys to paradise, one of the weightiest deeds in your scale on the Day of Judgment, one of the main elements of happiness, contentment and success in this life and in the Hereafter.

2- Good character is much deeper than being an attitude, it is an act of worship that is ...

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1- We Muslims have to follow the way of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as it is the only way for us to make it to paradise, it is the second condition after Tawheed
2- Adherence to the Sunnah of the prophet is definitely easy as it is the way that has been paved by the ...

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1- Tawheed means singling out Allah in worship, that He becomes our ultimate goal and that everything we do should bring us closer to Him.

2- Love is the essence of worship, so worship is much more than rituals, it is a talent, and the best thing a human being could ever do.

3- The ...

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Brotherhood in Islam

The bond that keeps the Muslim Ummah strong. ... more

Night Prayer

A great act of worship that is associated with the nights of Ramadan,... ... more

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