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A great act of worship that is associated with the nights of Ramadan,...

1- A great act of worship that is associated with the nights of Ramadan, it has to do with the light that we see on the faces of some righteous people, it is so dear to Allah, and it makes the distinction clear between the true believers and the ones with weak Iman.

2- This prayer is praised by Allah Himself who describes those who perform it that they push themselves away from their beds to stand in prayer, making it clear that Oh Allah I detached myself from this life and its comforts, and I want to be your obedient servant, so night prayer is an indication of how high your level of Iman is.

3- Night prayer is something that is praised by the prophet (peace be upon him) who used to pray for a long time at night, saying that he wanted to be a thankful servant to Allah, the prophet said that «the best type of prayer a Muslim does after the obligatory prayer is the night prayer.» [Muslim]

«أفضل الصلاة بعد الفريضة، صلاة الليل»

It tames your soul, and it does a marvelous role in cultivation, It gives you strength and honor, and it brings victory to Muslims collectively because you declare your dedication to Allah, so it has no hints of showing off, your are standing before your Creator by yourself feeling His love and contemplating on His own words.

4- Night prayer has a special sweetness, your heart is created for Allah and once your heart is given to Allah completely and full-heartedly it will start to realize the real meaning of Happiness and tranquility that the people who have reached the highest level of enjoyment in this material world have no clue about, it is a seclusion, when you feel that your heart is attached only to Allah with all His Greatness and all your humbleness, this makes you live in context, you know that you are supposed to serve the purpose for which you were created.

5- Now if you want to attain and maintain the night prayer constantly then repent from the sins that you do continuously, because Allah doesn’t give this privilege to someone who is indulged into sins, the evil deeds chain the person, and prevent him from praying the night prayer, so the higher your level in Iman is, the more zeal and keenness you will have to stand before Allah, because you feel that this is the place where your heart in, and this will bring you one step closer to Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala).

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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