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1- Tawbah is something that we consider as an act that one can do on the spot, but in Islam it is a process, an attitude, a way of life, a mission that we build throughout our lives, it is one of the dearest principles to Allah, and He gives huge reward for it.

2- Tawbah is a very beautiful principle that Islam presents to the humanlife, most of us associate Tawbah with repenting from sins, but that’s only a part of Tawbah, that we repent to Allah after doing a mistake, but in Islam Tawbah is a consistent act and attitude that we develop towards Allah knowing that no matter what we do we will never be able to give Allah His rights, and that our shortcomings are too many, and all our good actions gathered together are nothing compared to Allah’s Mercy, Greatness, and bounties upon us.

So Tawbah is a very comprehensive way of life that governs our relationship with Allah, it is a direction that we follow because we _as human beings_ we are unable to be perfect, and Tawbah is the solution, that should be applied everytime.

3- In Qur’an and Sunnah we are asked to make complete and pure Tawbah to come back to Allah full heartedly, we have to carry this principle and make it our way of life.

4- The prophet (peace be upon him) his sins were forgiven for him, yet he made Tawbah hundred times per day, this is because he knew that it is an attitude, and he was living his life feeling its sweetness, feeling that there is no paradise on earth except in repenting to Allah, and the prophet directed us to repent no matter how many times we fall into sins, because Allah is Merciful and He considers us as His slaves even though we keep transgressing His limits.

5- Always make Tawbah because it is an obligation, and don’t postpone it because you never know when the time of death will come to you, and abiding by Tawbah keeps you always on track, and it is something that Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala) and His prophet (peace be upon him) love, so it is a great act of worship that brings us one step closer to Allah.

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