Dead Hearts

Many Muslims today have become so much attached to their life that their desire is to dwell among their family, house, money and commerce. They have forgotten that matters of the Hereafter should come before matters of this life... ... more

How to Acquire Good Manners?

So a strong person is not someone who wrestles with people and overpowers them, He is someone ?who controls himself in times of anger.? He takes hold of himself and restrains himself during instances when he becomes angry. ... more

Good Character

1- One of the keys to paradise, one of the weightiest deeds in your scale on the Day of Judgment, one of the main elements of happiness, contentment and success in this life and in the Hereafter.

2- Good character is much deeper than being an attitude, it is an act of worship that is ...

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A Good Death

These are just some of the beautiful examples of a good ending from our predecessors, besides what we know from the good endings from companions. Such as the one whom upon hearing that Paradise was as wide as the heavens and the earth flung himself into the midst of the battle to attain it. ... more


In the near past, we were expecting for Ramadhan to come, and now, we are bidding farewell to it. ... more

Have You Thanked Allah for His Graces?

O you, whom the sky has shaded by its stars… whom the earth has carried above its surface to play and grow. You drank from its water… ... more

Hastening to Good Deeds

Hastening to Good Deeds Before The Coming of Death ... more

Exploiting time with good deeds

Explanation of Hadith number forty from the body of forty Nawawi Hadiths gathered by Imam Al-Nawawi ... more

Ramadan… The beloved that passes

O Muslims, by this way the page of Ramadan gets folded, and the market that was rich with the goodness gets closed; whoever won has won, and whoever lost has lost, and whoever is deprived has been deprived. ... more

The keys of the good in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a blessed month; its value is tremendous, its bliss is abundant. The rewards for the acts of obedience are multiplied in Ramadan. ... more

The Oasis of Happiness

Happiness has multiple sources. It has many gardens among which some are mentioned in this article. ... more

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