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Since 2012-12-05

1- A great act of worship in Islam, and it is needed in worshiping Allah because we need to know that He is The Only One who can show us the truth. Allah loves Tawakkul, and Tawakkul is the secret behind the personal strength and power, it has to do with the heart and it brings us one step closer to Allah.

2- Attaining Tawakkul is based on developing our knowledge about our Creator, once we realize how Great He is, the heart will know that the main cause of everything is the will of Allah, so we trace everything back to its original source, and we start to see through the physical means that they are functioning only by Allah, and this will help us have strong faith and develop a positive personal impact on our behaviors. And the key to attain Tawakkul is having good thought about Allah that He is never unjust with His creation, this makes you trust Him completely.

3- Tawakkul is an obligation that can be attained by believing in the decree of Allah, that everything Allah Had known it before it happened, it is there written down on the preserved tablet and that Allah is always watching and taking care of this universe, this gives you the reassurance that every human being is looking for.

4- Tawakkul gives you the high status of Iman and faith, it gives you the support of Allah, the victory from Allah, but the most precious thing that Tawakkul gives you is the love of Allah and what is more beautiful than this!?

5- We should have Tawakkul not Tawakol, we should use the physical means and then disbelieve in them and believe only in Allah, this is a clear reflection of having strong conviction in Allah the Creator of the heavens and the earth, so we have no fear, and this is how the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) acted throughout his lifetime, and in him we have the best example to learn from & follow.

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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