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Since 2012-12-05

1- It brings you closer to Allah, a sure way to paradise, and one of the most beneficial aspects of our religion that should be a-life-long obligation for us.

2- Taqwaa means to place a protection between you and any possible threat, Islamically speaking it means that you place a protection between you and the anger or the punishment of Allah.

3- We can achieve Taqwaa by righteousness and abstaining from sins, it has a sense of initiative that you look for all acts of worship that bring you closer to Allah and you hold on them, and you become vigilant as you are walking in a thorny way so you don’t come near to sins, this makes you be proactive and a person of responsibility, you know that you should prepare yourself for the “REAL TOMORROW” the tomorrow of meeting Allah.

4- Taqwaa grants you the love, the care, and the support of Allah, it gives you the ability to tell right from wrong, it gives you a light with which you can make your way through, your sins will be forgiven and Allah’s mercy and blessings will shower you, things will be easy for you because Taqwaa is a way out of every hardship, so Allah will save the people of Taqwaa and grant them victory through means that they have never thought of.

5- Taqwaa is about being attached to Allah at the time of ease and the time of difficulty, and that you’re always repenting to Him from your sins because you want to keep His love in your life, this also means that you are living your life understanding His names and Attributes.

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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