Leadership Begins at Home- Sajid Umar

Home is the origin of leadership. Recognize leadership pillars and how it could be achieved from the very beginning at home.

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Responsibility of Youth-Mufti Menk

A great advice to create a perfect path in life for youth and for Muslims in general.

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Lust for Leadership

One of the things that lead to the corruption of the heart's sincerity and Tawheed (belief in the Oneness of Allah), increase one's longing for this worldly life, and lead to the abandonment of the Hereafter, is lust for leadership. It is a severe disease in the name of which people squander their money and shed blood. ... more

Story of Youth of the Cave -3/3-

After Hundreds of Years.. Sleepers Woke Up. ... more

Style over Substance: How cool is that?

People who set out on the straight and narrow, choosing substance over style, seeking to please Allaah as opposed to pleasing people, may not find their popularity ratings soar—quite the opposite, in fact. Yet, they get strength in the certainty of their belief, that their reward is with Allaah in the Hereafter. ... more

Bring your Friends Closer to Allah

Islam was never meant to be an individualistic faith, reserved for the "chosen few". Muslims have a duty to spread the Deen; and practicing Muslim youth, whether beginners, activists or leaders, have a crucial role to play. ... more

Losing Identity: Dissolving in Others

Why do we Muslims - who believe with certainty, praise be to Allaah, that we are following the true religion - not have the strength to be proud of our faith and practice its principles, adhering firmly to them and holding our heads high with pride... ... more

Coping With Peer Pressure

What happens during the school years is very important. Many parents and community leaders brush-off unfavorable and un-Islamic Muslim youth behavior as being a short-term phenomenon; a mix of hormones and bad friends. Time, it is argued, will mature their thoughts and bring them in line. ...

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For the Youth

It goes without saying that women temptation is one of the most dangerous trials that confront Muslims; rather it is the most dangerous one. ... more

The Initial Spark

My father has overwhelmed me with his unstoppable love, thus he made me a young man looking for a better future. I have the talent of educational attainment, which made me excellent in my studying,... ... more

The deviation of youth

With these little words we are elaborating the causes and the shapes of the deviation of youth. ... more