The deviation of youth

Since 2012-11-24

With these little words we are elaborating the causes and the shapes of the deviation of youth.

All Praise is due to Allah alone. And prayers and peace of Allah be upon the last prophet.

The problem of the deviation of youth is one of the most dangerous problems that face the society. We have to utilize all the facilities for facing this problem and destroying it because of its evil consequences on the society and the nation in general.
Without introduction, we liked to share with these little words in elaborating the causes and the shapes of the deviation of youth.
First: The causes of youth’s deviation
1-   Weakness of the religious restraint.
2-   Weakness of children’s education and refinement by their parents.
3-   The bad company.
4-   Belittling the role of youth and making them feel lonely his folks.
5-   The extra luxury.
6-   The extreme leisure.
7-   The love of fame and having wealth in short time.
8-   The nature of youth’s years that encourage risk and venture.
9-   Eruption of desire and lust difficulties in marriage.
10-Having the psychological readiness for deviation.
11-Society’s pressures and not having good environment.
12-Hopping much and forgetting that the most deceased people are young.
13-Inattentive to the punishment in the worldly life and in the hereafter too.
14-Being charmed by the western people and civilization.
15-Loving the depraved famous people.
16-The satellite channels that present free lessons in sex and crime.
17-The destructive intellectual invasion.
18-All mass media.
19-Unemployment and not liking work.
20-Shortcomings of many teachers in the schools.
21-Shortcomings of some preachers and some people who have the responsibility of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil.
22-Traveling to the countries of dissoluteness and corruption.
23-Society’s encouragement to some kinds of deviation and those who had been deviated.
24-The bad manners of some men of religion and their dealing in roughness.
25-Father’s harsh treatment.
26-Spoilt children by parents in general and the mothers in specific.
27-The bad presence of the maids in the house.
28-Women’s unveiling and not respecting the Islamic etiquettes in public.
29-Free mixing between men and women in public places and some places of work.
30-The dominance of materialism and neglecting the values and the ethics.
31-The ignorance.
Second: The shapes of youth’s deviation
1-   Neglecting the rituals of worship in general and the prayers in specific.
2-   Irresponsibility and carelessness.
3-   Wasting time and not appreciating it.
4-   Lavishness and wastefulness.
5-   Pride and self-conceit.
6-   Committing grave sins like fornication and sodomy.
7-   Disobeying parents.
8-   Smoking.
9-   Addiction to drugs and alcohol.
10-Imitating the famous deviated people.
11-Molestations through phones.
12-Imitating the infidels in their clothing, talking, walking, moving, dancing, hairstyling and profligacy.
13-Loving comfort and not having the patience to work serious fruitful work.
14-Pride and arrogance.
15-The evil manners and not respecting people.
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