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Preparing for Ramadan

Advice on how to prepare for ramadan

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Don’t Miss Ramadan’s First Night

Many people, unfortunately, ignore and don’t prepare themselves for the first night of Ramadan. Some people busy themselves with the day-to-day affairs and live it as the other nights of the year. ... more

How can we prepare for the arrival of Ramadan?

How can we prepare for Ramadan? What are the best deeds in this blessed month? ... more

The Foremost in the Month of Rajab

Here we are. The time of preparation for the month of the virtuous treasures has started. ... more

20 Exam Tips for Students

The Muslim student puts his trust in Allaah when facing the tests of this world, and he seeks His help whilst following the prescribed means, in accordance with the words of the Prophet... ... more

Oh My Sister: Remember

My sister: I disclose to you among the lines of my letters a reminder, I copy from the shades of the Quran and the spring of Sunnah, a preach by which you gain the reward, so O my sister, listen... ... more

The program of the Muslim sister in Ramadan

Sister, a great month is approaching. It has great virtues and many bounties. Its night is a niche for worshippers; its day is provision for them, and all its days are the escape bridge on the Day of Return. A month so described, and so full of favor is w ... more

What did you prepare for Ramadan?

The Prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) said: 'May his nose be put in sand (in remorse), a man lived till the month of Ramadan approaches and then passed without having his sins forgiven.' [Reported by At-Tirmidhi, and authenticated by Al-Alb ... more

The Month of Paradise

Here it comes, the gracious guest of the year, knocking on the doors of time, after our longing to it and maybe, similarly, it's longing to us. It is here to sweep the burdens of our life from our souls and to spread faith and calmness in our hearts. ... more

How can you be stimulated to exploit Ramadan

My Muslim sister: let’s try the following to be stimulated to exploit Ramadan in performing acts of obedience... ... more

A year passed, another has come

Now, we are on one side of the bank, we will soon leave it to put our feet on the other side. One step will get us out of a bank and another step will get us to the other. ... more

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