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Introduction to Zakaah 1/2

The fact that Zakaah is an obligation upon the Muslims is one of the most apparent indications of the beauty of Islam and the concern it has for its adherents. ... more

It is sufficient sin for a person to forsake whom he supports

The permissibility of work and earning so that a person can spend on himself and those whom he supports. ... more

Making Obligations Easy

This is the profound meaning of at-tawbah offered to everyone: sincerely returning to God after a slip, a mistake, a sin. God loves that sincere return to Him and He forgives and purifies. ... more

The Fruits of Salat (Prayer)

There is no doubt that the status of Salat is very great, it is the most primary obligation and the first thing to be raised from the Quran, and it is the first thing a servant is held accountable for on the day of resurrection. ... more

Enjoining right & Forbidding wrong

What is the significance of giving precedence to enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong? Although it is a communal obligation, Allah Almighty gave precedence to it (in mention) over prayer and Zakah (almsgiving).... ... more

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