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The Third Pillar of Islam: Compulsory Charity

An introduction to the third pillar of Islam, the compulsory charity or zakat, the spiritual dimensions of zakat and charity, and how Islam views money in general. ... more

The Fourth Pillar of Islam: The Fast of Ramadan

An introduction to the fourth pillar of Islam, the fast of Ramadan, its spiritual benefits, and the concept of fasting in world religions. ... more

The Solid Pillar

Prayer is the backbone of religion and the solid pillar of Islam. It is the first act of worship ordered by Allah Almighty and the first thing a slave of Allah is to be asked about on the Day of Resurrection. ... more

How to Understand Ramadan?

Ramadan has a great status in our True Religion. It is the fourth pillar of this religion. It has a major aim which Allah, Glorified and Exalted has shown in His Holy Book. ... more

What does prevent you from offering Hajj?

Although you have good health and abundance of money, and I ask Allah to grant you more bounties, what prevents you from offering Hajj? ... more

Why do I pray?

Many people have started to neglect Salat in our times and see it as a heavy burden. So, were you to remind them of it, some would look for excuses to justify themselves, saying they are busy now with some important matters. ... more

The Fruits of Salat (Prayer)

There is no doubt that the status of Salat is very great, it is the most primary obligation and the first thing to be raised from the Quran, and it is the first thing a servant is held accountable for on the day of resurrection. ... more

Hajj…lessons and parables

And Made it a secure sacred place where no blood is shed in nor a Muslim is horrid, hunting is not allowed in it, lost things are not picked from its grounds unless to be verified. ... more

Signs of the Hour

Belief in the Last Day and the reward and punishment it will bring is one of the basic pillars of faith in Islam. ... more

Hasten to perform Hajj

Dear brother, let your care for this life be proportionate to your duration therein, and the same with the Hereafter. Do not procrastinate, since you are liable to die, fall ill, or be busy. ... more

Pilgrimage with your heart

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

Pilgrimage with your heart

Praise be to Allah, we thank Him and His aid we seek and ask Him for forgiveness. We seek protection by Allah from our evil souls and bad deeds. Whom ...

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