The History of The Khalifahs who took the right way

A journey through the history to depict one of the amazing era in the Islam and to address the great efforts of the leading Sahabah(Companion) may Allah the Almighty be pleased with them. It was written by Jalal Ad-Din Al-Sayuti may Allah the Almighty forgive him and reward him. This magnificent work was translated by Abd-Al-Samad Clarke, may Allah the Almighty reward him. ... more

Muslim Women in History - Umm Al-Muqtadir-Billah

Umm Al-Muqtadir-Billah

She directed state affairs due to the incapacity of her son, the Abbasid caliph Al-Muqtadir-Billah, in the early fourth century Hijrah. In a public square in Baghdad, she set up a tribunal for the purpose of settling people's petitions and lawsuits one day a week. She ...

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Islamic History: The Lifeline of the Muslims

The very few Muslims that do have some inclination towards their glorious past tend to depend on Islamic histories written in English in a distorted form by the rivals and opponents of Islam and the Muslims. Instead, Muslims should rely on... ... more

Sister ... Where is your place in history?

A closer look into history shows the extent of the vast difference between the determination of the ancestor women, and the state of the women of this age except for those who Allah has mercy on! ... more

Learn the biography of your prophet

Chronology of the most important events in the prophetic biography from birth till death ... more