The History of The Khalifahs who took the right way

A journey through the history to depict one of the amazing era in the Islam and to address the great efforts of the leading Sahabah(Companion) may Allah the Almighty be pleased with them. It was written by Jalal Ad-Din Al-Sayuti may Allah the Almighty forgive him and reward him. This magnificent work was translated by Abd-Al-Samad Clarke, may Allah the Almighty reward him. ... more

Rethinking Military Victory

Peaceful coexistence between the polytheists of the Quraysh tribe and the Muslims was not possible in the Holy sanctuary of Makkah. The Quraysh increased their pressure and persecution on this estranged minority until they were forced to immigrate ... more

Morals of friendship and friends

There are few who pay attention to morals of the friendship Therefore, we find a lot of love converts to hostility, and friendship alters to hatred and enmity, so if every two friends hold on to the morals of friendship, there will be neither separation n ... more

A Man loved by Allah and his Messenger

We place between your hands dear reader this splendid biography of the fourth Caliph and one of the dwellers of paradise. ... more

The Trusty of this Nation

So he was called the trusty of this nation. Messenger of Allah gave him this name where he said, "Every nation has its trusty, and this nation's trusty is Abu 'Ubayda Ibn Al-Jarrah." [Reported By Al-Bukhari] ... more

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