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A Party in Paradise and a Party in Hell

So be the children of the Hereafter and not the children of this life; a party in Paradise and a party in the Hell-fire. ... more

The Sufis' Belief in Fire and Paradise

It is unbecoming of the Sufis to seek Paradise, as this is a sign of weak Imaan (Faith), so they claim! ... more

Oh My Sister: Remember

My sister: I disclose to you among the lines of my letters a reminder, I copy from the shades of the Quran and the spring of Sunnah, a preach by which you gain the reward, so O my sister, listen... ... more

Your Provision for Leaving

My dear brother: we need so much to have a reflective pause about the fact of death; this bitter fact by which man leaves one life to another and departs from one home to another. ... more

Before you disobey Allah, remember

Before you disobey Allah, remember that Allah Almighty sees you. He knows what you hide and what you show in public, as {Allâh knows the fraud of the eyes, and all that the breasts conceal.} [Surat Ghâfir 40:19] ... more

The Bliss of Paradise

A brick is made of gold and another is made of silver. Its clay (the substance between the two bricks) is musk. Its sand is pearl and ruby and its soil is the saffron. Whoever prays for the sake of Allah twelve rak'ahs (of the regular optional Sunnah prayer) every day, over and above the obligatory ones, Allah will build for him a house in paradise. ... more

Souls in heaven

Their souls were seeking their Lord and looking for the heaven. They used to worship Allah as if they were seeing Him. And that is why the owners of such hearts were victorious; they gained Allah’s support and He submitted the whole world to them because of the truthfulness of their intentions and the purity of their hearts. ... more

Have You Ever Tasted Jannah?

Let's go home today driving towards Jannah... ... more

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