Dictionary of love and its scale

Some husbands miss some words in intimate sessions, so why do not they record them in a dictionary that is connected by happy moments? ... more

Barriers to Real Happiness (1)


1. Disbelief in Allah and Lack of the True Faith 

Since the true faith fills the heart with comfort, security, ...

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Ramadan Around The Corner

The messenger peace be upon him said, «The person that is fasting has two points of happiness, happiness upon opening the fast, and happiness when he meets Allah Almighty».

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The Muslim woman path to happiness

The most important thing that characterizes Muslims; whether a man or a woman, whose hearts are attached to Allah, and who apply His Shari'a (set of laws) in their lives, is the psychological ease and inward tranquility. ... more

The Oasis of Happiness

Happiness has multiple sources. It has many gardens among which some are mentioned in this article. ... more

Do You Want Happiness?

Hurry to repentance and get rid of the dust of inattentiveness and know that the gate of repentance is still open and the grant of your Lord is given and His favors come and go. ... more

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