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Jesus Christ is not God nor did God ever become a man

God is capable of all things. This premise does not necessitate the incarnation of God into a man. In this Episode Dr. Zakir Naik discusses this ...

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Powerful Reminder to Stay Home Stay Safe

A Short Reminder about what Muslims should do in the current situation of COVID 19 outbreak

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100 Hadith for Memorizing- Bilal Ismail

In this important lesson we will know 100 Hadith from the Prophet (Prayer and Peace of Allah be upon Him), Muslims are required to validate their actions in life to fulfill every order in these Ahadeeth, consequently they will become closer to Allah the Almighty.

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Dr Nabulsi and Shady Alsuliman_Miscellaneous Topics

This is a joint lecture between Dr. Nabulsi, who speaks in Arabic, and Sheikh Shady AlSuliman, who explains Dr. Nabulsi's speech in English. They touch upon several issues, including teenagers in Islam and Miracles of Creation among many others.

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