Why Islam?

From a Muslim convert to all seekers of truth. ... more
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Top 5 reasons Jesus Christ is not the God

We are Moslems who believe in Jesus peace be upon him and we follow His teaching. In this episode of the Deen Show Dr Brown will bring us his TOP 5 ...

Duration: 29:47
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Dr. Brown’s Jihad

Why did Dr. Laurence Brown ended up losing his wife, house, and much more? Find out more in the The Deen Show with Eddie.

Duration: 29:26
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Atheism? Darwinism? What is the Purpose of life?

What is the purpose of life? What are the reasons to reject Atheism and Darwinism?

Duration: 31:36
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Religious Corruption

This is one of the important show. We are all seeking of our purposes in life, when indeed we're all going to die. Why are we here in this world? ...

Duration: 26:16
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Trinity top 10

We come in peace, and we want to clear the confusion for some people who are confused, especially about the Trinity. Dr Brown will give us the top 10 ...

Duration: 26:14
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The truth about original sin?

Did Jesus Christ really die for the sins of all of mankind? Find out the truth about original sin and the atonement in this episode of the Deen Show ...

Duration: 31:41
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Dr Brown and how he came to Islam

This is an incredible story about an Atheist who found God then tried very hard to be a Christian. You'll have to watch the show to find out the ...

Duration: 30:13
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(07) The Glorious Quran (2)

What are the evidences that the Glorious Quran is a divine revelation from Allah(God). Find out more with Dr. Laurence Brown.

Duration: 23:32
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Why are we Muslims and not Christians?

Why have you chosen Islam? Why are you a Muslim? Why aren't you the same as my religion? Why should you be a Muslim? Is the bible the word of God?

Duration: 1:22:05