Teaching the Quran for a salary

Is it allowed in Islam to accept money for teaching the Qur’ân?

Answered by Sheikh Riyâd al-Musaymîrî, professor at al-Imâm University in Riyadh Yes, it is permissible to accept money for teaching Qur’ân, particularly in case of need. In Sahîh al-Bukhârî [5737] it is related that the Prophet (peace be ... Continue Reading

Ruling on learning recitation and tajweed of Qur’an by means of an electronic pen

There is a Quran out which is called "Quran pen reader 9" which helps you better your tajweed and you can listen to different reciters and when you press the Quran with the pen they give it says it out loud the verse you have pressed and you can pick different reciters so you can remember it and correct your tajweed and the Quran it self has interactive buttons on the side like e.g tafsir of the ayah ,which qari you want to chose ,change the level of volume and pick which language you want etc
I wanted to know do I still read this Quran like a normal Quran and will I get the same reward of reading this then a normal one were this one helps me correct my mistakes and makes me understand the Quran more and it is the full Quran with just it being interactive and I was thinking will this be a sort of bidah? But theres more benefit in this as I have mensioned everything this does for the improvement of understand and correct my tajweed and knowledge in the Quran ?

Praise be to Allah. Firstly:  There is no kind of bid‘ah (innovation) in the program mentioned, in sha Allah, because this is a new educational means in which there is nothing contrary to Islam, that helps one learn how to read Qur’an correctly and helps one to memorise ... Continue Reading

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