The Qur'an: An Eternal Challenge

        This book is unique in its approach to the Qur'an. It argues the point that only God could author such a book and that Muhammad could have never produced anything like ... more

Explanation of the Last Tenth of the Holy Quran

A precious resource for explanation of the last tenth of the Holy Quran followed by rulings that concern every Muslim. This book is a result of great efforts from group of Scholars and the whole book was supervised by Tafisr website. ... more
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Books Since 2015-04-25

The Quran and the Gospels a Comparative Study

By: Muhammad M. R. Abu Layla  ... more
Books Since 2015-04-16

Help yourself in Reading Quran

By: Abdur RazaSource: ... more
Books Since 2015-04-16

Get your Belief from the Quran and Authentic Prophet Tradition

Get your Belief from the Quran and Authentic Prophet TraditionQuestions And Answers On Islamby: Muhammad Bin Jumail ZaynuSource: ... more

The Spiritual Cure

An explanation to Surah al-Fatihah ... more
Books Since 2014-03-11

Juz by Juz - Part by Part

This humble summary of the Qur’an in 30 sections known as Juz (pl. Ajzaa) has been compiled in order to help us develop kushoo’ (attentiveness) and enrich our prayers when listening to the ... more

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