The Weight Of Salah On The Day Of Judgment

One of the most important lessons that every Muslim has to realize with the most careful consideration.

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All praise is due to Allaah the Exalted for His Essence and Beautiful Attributes. All thanks are for Allaah for His blessings, bounties, favor, and grants. Thankfulness is the essential goodness of the lives of those who are happy, who do not ascend to their high ranks through anything besides their thankfulness. ... more


It is a sickness that casts a person into destruction, drives him away from the best of actions, causes him to succumb to temptations, and misguides them from the right path. It is lust which you must avoid it to maintain a healthy life. ... more

Seeds of Guidance

Seeds of Guidance are the driving force to every Muslim to follow the right path.

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Allah the Exalted has made patience a steed that does not stumble, a sword that does not miss its mark, a trooper that does not get defeated, and a fortress that is never destroyed. ... more

Story of the Man who Killed ninety-nine people

it is recommended for the one who repents to leave the place in which he committed sins and those who help him doing so ... more

Relationship of Sin and Attitude to Aqeedah

Does falling into sin indicate that there is something wrong with one's 'aqeedah (belief system)?

Praise be to Allah.Good attitudes; which are those that are obedience in and of themselves or lead to obedience, are part of Islam, in fact they are Islam. Allah praised His Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) for being "on an exalted standard of character" and Ibn ... Continue Reading

Enthusiasm when one first repents, followed by slackening off

When a person repents, he makes a vigorous start and says: "The Shaytaan is telling me to slow down", so he does more acts of worship. Then his enthusiasm cools down, and he says: "Allah does not burden any person beyond his scope", and his acts of worship become less until he goes back to the way he was. 

My question: What advice can you give? Should he make a vigorous start, or take a gradual approach until it is established and then add more after a while, or should he follow the saying: "When your wind blows, then make the most of it"?.

Praise be to Allah.The blessing of guidance and repentance is one of the greatest blessings that Allah can bestow upon the Muslim, whereby he changes himself for the better in ways that will bring him closer to Allah, may He be exalted. Usually the person who has repented starts to do acts of ... Continue Reading

What you Prefer Duniya or Hereafter?- Omar El-Banna

A great reminder of Hereafter. We all have to Be aware of this great advice to keep remembering the day of Judgment.

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Time and It's Importance

Time is the great resource in this life. Listen to the the audio and share the value.

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