The necessity of seeking guidance from God

Praise be to Allah, the Most Generous, the All-Responsive to every person who calls Him, the Creator, fully aware of the last and the first. ... more

Insulting scholars and pursuing their defects are blameworthy

Abdullah ibn Al Mubarak, the master of the science of Hadith who died in 181 AH, was asked: Who are the best among people?

He said: Scholars.

It was asked: Who are the best among kings?

He said: The ascetics.

Somebody asked: Who are the low people[1]?

He said: Those who replace religion with the ...

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The Breeze of Ramadan

A beautiful reminder and a glaring advice of the value of Ramadan, every Muslim has to make full advantage to welcome this great blessing and this great opportunity. ... more

(1) Introduction

As humans, we tend to attain pleasure from success and high status, and if the success is to do with trade, we get even more excited and put our heart and soul into reaching that goal. ... more
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A good deed is recorded for them

Doing good deeds is every human goal, specially Muslims to attain paradise... ... more

A message to every Muslim: How to keep to obedience

Dear Muslim brother, constrain yourself and be keen to righteous deeds, particularly obligatory duties such as Salah, fasting, filial gratitude, and other obligatory duties, for it is not permissible for any Muslim to neglect them. ... more

Barriers to Real Happiness (2)


7. Fear of Worldly Power 

Fear of other than Allah. Allah says in the Qur’an: is the cause of humility, insecurity ...

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Quran: The Way to Salvation

The Book of Allah is the rain that brings forth true life on Earth. ... more

The Obligatory Rights due for Muslim (Introduction)

the obligatory rights due for a person in this life, beginning with the right of Allah, Glory be to Him, then the right of the Messenger, peace be upon him. ... more

The Benefits of Hoping for the Best

Hope is what makes the person enjoy his journey towards Allah The Almighty and the Hereafter ... more

11 Good Reasons to Do Good Deeds

This article provides few factors that serve as incentives to perform righteous deeds in order to gain blessings in this world and eternal reward in the Hereafter. ... more

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