What You Need To Know About Laylatul Al-Qadr

Laylatul Al-Qadr is the dream of every Muslim to get the ultimate reward. In this lesson we will recognize a lot of important issues about Laylatul Al-Qadr.

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The Breeze of Ramadan

A beautiful reminder and a glaring advice of the value of Ramadan, every Muslim has to make full advantage to welcome this great blessing and this great opportunity. ... more

100 Hadith for Memorizing- Bilal Ismail

In this important lesson we will know 100 Hadith from the Prophet (Prayer and Peace of Allah be upon Him), Muslims are required to validate their actions in life to fulfill every order in these Ahadeeth, consequently they will become closer to Allah the Almighty.

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All perfect praise is due to Allah, Who gives hope to the hopeful, The One Whose pleasure is sought by the devoted, ascetic worshipers. Enjoy the blessing of hope and be hopeful. ... more

An Ideal Day-Sajid Umar

This advice focuses on an Ideal Day in the life of a believer, one in which we are constant and consistent with the Sunnan-ar-rawaatib, salaatut Duha and feeding a poor person a meal at the time of Iftaar.

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Three People that the Hell Fire wont Touch-Sajed Ahmed Umar

This short reminder focuses on three people that the Hell-Fire will not touch, due to their performing the specific actions mentioned in this reminder, extracted from the Ahadeeth.

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