The Right of Allah (Glory be to Him) (2)

The Unification of Worship (1) ... more

The Right of Allah (Glory be to Him) (1)

From the rights of Allah are the following: unification of Allah in terms of Himself, unification of Allah in terms of His Lordship, unification of Allah in terms of deity and worship, and unification of Allah in terms of His Names and Attributes. ... more

The Obligatory Rights due for Muslim (Introduction)

the obligatory rights due for a person in this life, beginning with the right of Allah, Glory be to Him, then the right of the Messenger, peace be upon him. ... more

The Right of Children

Children in accordance to Islam are entitled to various and several rights... ... more

Characteristics of a Pious Husband

On the Day of Judgment: Allah will ask men if they fulfilled their obligations towards their families. They who fear Allah will do their best to direct the way his wife and children live by educating himself and his family to living according to the Sunnah of the Prophet (Sallallahu alaiyhi ...

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Some Misconceptions about Women in Islam

Islam gave women rights and privileges at a time when only barbaric manners and values dominated. ... more

Dear Neighbor Sister

Dear Neighbor Sister, did you hear her story? Did you know about her? Did you know why she had lost? She prays the obligatory prayers, fasts, prays Tahajud, gives charity and does numerous good deeds. So, why did she lose? ... more


It came to endue the Muslim woman with honor after her humiliation, and to declare her importance after her neglecting. Islam gave the woman the right to express her opinion in all her house's affairs, the right of taking the decision of marriage, the fin ... more

Rights of the Husband over his Wife

Today, we will learn how to make Allah The Almighty pleased with us, taste the sweetness of Iman (faith), get the greatest reward, and get the Gardens of Al-Firdaws Al-A'la through knowing the rights of your husband so that you may fulfill them. ... more


Allah Almighty said “Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart - about all those [one] will be questioned.” [Al-Isra’ 17:36] ... more

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