Who are the Mahrams of a Woman?

The following question was raised to An-Nawawi : “Who is the woman whom a man is permitted to look at and meet her in seclusion?” An-Nawawi replied, “It is every woman whom he is permanently forbidden to marry due to a permissible reason because of her unlawfulness... ... more

A glimpse of Islam's great concern for women

When the religion of Islam was revealed to the Prophet صورة it was the custom of the people of the pre-Islamic era to hate and detest women. Allaah The Exalted Says (what means): {And when one of them is informed of [the birth of] a female, his face becomes dark, and he suppresses grief.} [Quran 16: 58] ... more

Celebrating the Mother's Day

In western countries many Muslims celebrate the Mother's day. What is the rule of Shariah concerning this celebration?

Fatwa: All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.What is known among many people as Mother's Day and which is claimed to be the 21st of March is nothing but an innovation ... Continue Reading

Women in the Quran and Women in the Bible

Sultana Yusufali

"And the believers, men and women, are protecting friends one of another; they enjoin the right and forbid the wrong, and they establish worship and they pay the poor-due, and they obey Allah and His messenger. As for these, Allah will have mercy on them. Lo! Allah is ...

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Muslim Women in History - Umm Al-Muqtadir-Billah

Umm Al-Muqtadir-Billah

She directed state affairs due to the incapacity of her son, the Abbasid caliph Al-Muqtadir-Billah, in the early fourth century Hijrah. In a public square in Baghdad, she set up a tribunal for the purpose of settling people's petitions and lawsuits one day a week. She ...

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How a Pearl Develops: A Khutbah for the Muslim Woman

Allah revealed an entire Surah by the name of Surah An-Nisa' – the Women. And another by the name of – Maryam. And a third by the name of Al-Mujadalah – the women who pleads. It is in enlivening this Sunnah that today this speech shall be addressed to the believing women, Al-Mu'minat. ... more

Women of Paradise: Asmaa bint Abi Bakr

Once again we will take a trip back in time and visit another great woman, Asmaa' bint Abi Bakr , one of the Sahabah (female Companions) of the Prophet This journey requires that we free our minds from the ideas of modernists and pay special attention to the life this blessed companion led, ...

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The Five Secrets of a Productive Muslimah

By Lotifa Begum

Success is something that has been on my mind lately. One of the first questions that comes to mind is ‘what are the secrets to success?’ As Muslim women growing up in contemporary times, we all face challenges that make it hard to have that break-through to success. There ...

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Men are the Protectors and Maintainers of Women

What does it mean that men are “protectors and maintainers” of women? ... more

Tucking up the hair at the time of prayer

In fatwa no. 141473 you mentioned in detail that prayer is not valid with the hair tied back. Does this apply to women too? Is it permissible for a woman to pray with her hair tucked up or tied back? I hope that you can give the evidence in detail because some scholars here in Pakistan say that that is not permissible.
Praise be to Allaah. Firstly: In the answers to questions no. 96280 and 163428 we stated that it is makrooh for a man to pray with his hair tucked up, which means that he gathers his hair together and ties it back, thus preventing it from prostrating with him. The prohibition in this case ... Continue Reading

Evidence Prohibiting of Mixing

Evidence Prohibiting of Mixing of Men and Women ... more