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What is to be said when visiting a dying person (2/2)

A dying person should combine hope and fear in himself: Hoping for the mercy of Allah and fearing of His Punishment. ... more

Before you disobey Allah, remember

Before you disobey Allah, remember that Allah Almighty sees you. He knows what you hide and what you show in public, as {Allâh knows the fraud of the eyes, and all that the breasts conceal.} [Surat Ghâfir 40:19] ... more

Signs of the Hour

Belief in the Last Day and the reward and punishment it will bring is one of the basic pillars of faith in Islam. ... more

The evil deed

Indeed; for the sins and evil deeds there are negative evil effects hurt the heart and body, in the worldly life and hereafter too, great hurt none knows its severity but Allah. Therefore; the prudent Muslim should escape the sins and evil deeds and get away from them. ... more

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