Maintain Healthy Family Relationships

A good notification about the importance of maintain a good relationship with family. Listen and activate procedures to accommodate this great deed in Islam.

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Kinship RightsIII

Allaah The Almighty does not command injustice, and therefore it is improper to request the husband to remain close to his parents in order to satisfy his parents while they are a whip of torture, harm, evil and oppression against his wife. The same applies to the wife’s parents. Both the husband and the wife are required to fear Allaah The Almighty and treat each other fairly. ... more

Kinship RightsII

Just as a husband is required to perform his duties towards his parents-in-law, a wife is required to fulfill her duty towards her parents-in-law as well. A righteous woman should understand the parents' love for their son and she must not be the least jealous or try to weaken the relation between her husband and his parents. She should also know that if she wishes Allaah The Almighty to bless her married life and grant her happiness with her husband, she should support him to be dutiful to his parents. ... more

Kinship Rights-I

In this article, we will discuss a great and noble duty that Allaah The Almighty has made obligatory for spouses. Muslim homes cannot be reformed and love and affection cannot prevail in them unless this duty is perfectly fulfilled in a way that satisfies Allaah. ... more

Honoring Ties of Kinship

Dutifulness to kinship is one of the greatest and loftiest good deeds that bring one closer to Allah. ... more

No person severs ties of kinship would enter Paradise

This flyer includes; the merit of uniting the ties of kinship, the punishment of the person who severs the ties of kinship, how to observe uniting the ties of kinship?, things facilitate uniting the ties of kinship, reasons of severing the ties of kinship, and an exhortation to those who sever the ties of kinship. ... more

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