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The Muslimah & Her Parents

Islam has raised the status of parents to a level that is unknown in any other religion. Following are the duties enjoined on us toward the most important people in a Muslim’s life - our parents. The duties of a son or a daughter are identical. ... more

Seeking the Inner Muslim

And whoever keeps his duty to Allah, Allah will make a way out for him (2) and provide for him from where he knows not. [At-Talaq 65:2-3] ... more

And That You Be Dutiful To Your Parents

Verily the right of parents is great, Allah Glorified and Exalted has joined it to His right, and the texts of the Quran and Sunnah have cooperated to encourage being dutiful to them, shedding light on their right and warning against being undutiful to th ... more

What does prevent you from offering Hajj?

Although you have good health and abundance of money, and I ask Allah to grant you more bounties, what prevents you from offering Hajj? ... more

Honoring Ties of Kinship

Dutifulness to kinship is one of the greatest and loftiest good deeds that bring one closer to Allah. ... more

Mother's Day - A historical overview and the scholars' rulings on this holiday

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): "And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents..." ... more

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