A story from prophet Hud (6)

Today Insha'Allah I will share with you a story from prophet Hud Alyhi Assalam.

Because prophet Hud believed in Allah (S.W.T) that left a powerful impact on this prophet and the way he dealt with his people, he came to them with the message of Islam and called them to worship Allah ...
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Among the signs of making things easy in Ramadan

Among the great acts of worship in which we notice the signs of facilitating things and eliminating hardships for this nation is the act of fasting; especially, fasting Ramadan. The following are some of these signs:... ... more

How Can the Patient Purify, Pray, Fast, & Perform Hajj?

Allah Almighty has said that He {has not laid upon you in religion any hardship} [Surat Al-Hajj 22:78] ... more